April is a funny month, isn’t it? Starts with Fool’s Day, followed by Coachella, which kicks off festival and conference szn. Somewhere in there we get Easter, Passover, uncertainty surrounding whether spring has officially arrived (at least in most parts of Canada), a whole lotta rain sprinkled in-between, and of course, Weed Day.

It’s the first 420 post-prohibition which also happens to be a long weekend. Coincidence? I think not. Let’s just take a moment to thank the Kush Goddess and the universe for giving us one more reason to let loose this weekend.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably waited until the last minute to make plans or even check out what’s happening in your city, and are turning to social media and DM’s to build your itinerary. Speaking of which, thanks to those of you who shared your events which made this post possible!

Enough of my self-indulgent ramble. I asked, you answered. Here are the top hits for 420 / 2019 across Canada!


So far, the only event that came across my radar was the 420 party that is being hosted by VICE. As a former Montrealer, I have feelings about the location where it’s being held, but I can save that rant for social media.

Check out their Facebook page for more details.


Moving westward, the options are plentiful. Curate your list according to your mood and activity level and social energy capacity.

If you’re in the mood to sesh and create, check out Mudmakers Studio to participate in their one-hitter workshop. There’s a class on Friday evening at 7 PM, so you can DIY a fancy piece to celebrate the weekend with – and impress your friends in the process!

Provided that the rain holds off, you should hundo P check out 7 Acres garden party which will be hosted at Supreme HQ, since everything they do is beyond epic. Hotbox is throwing their annual bash and you can expect it to be high-key good times.

For those downtown, Vapor central is hosting their 420 bash from: 3 PM – 8 PM, while east end-based LAF Society will be hosting their 1st anniversary in conjunction with 420, because why not?

If you’ve got any energy left over for Saturday night, I implore you to get a ticket to the hottest (actually, tho) party in town. Catch DJ Me Time on deck, spinning up a frenzy and the DOPE ladies of Crimson Fire. Let’s just say they are bringing the heat.


Heading further west, we bring you two exciting events happening in Calgary. This 4/20 Elevated Brunch will be 3 courses (yum!) and hosted by Mike Pigot and the Cannabis Sommelier. If you’re feeling bold, join them for dinner as well!


Feeling fit and festive? Join our friends at Flower and Freedom for their CBD, Core and Conditioning event at RYU. Keeping in with the wellness vibe (SO west coast, amirite?), the team at Elletourage are hosting Mary Jane Brunch and will be discussing Mind & Body Wellness with Cannabis.

Last and sadly least, T’was The Night B’ 4/20 will be hosted by Stash Club at New Amsterdam Cafe downtown Vancouver. Since April 20th is basically Xmas for our community, we wish you a very merry, unofficial holiday.

There ya have it, our list of funs for 420.

Party responsibly.

This article is originally published in https://theherblifestyle.com/community/420-events-happening-nation-wide


Jessica Nudo

Editor, photographer, storyteller.