Moe Greens, Less Problems! A Peek Into San Francisco’s Bougie Vape Lounge

Nestled on Market Street in downtown San Francisco, you’ll find Moe Greens, an elite vapor lounge and bougie dispensary located at : 1276 Market St, San Francisco that would surely elevate anyone’s lunch hour. From the moment you walk in you are struck by the style of the place, green and gold are embedded into the structure and atmosphere (see: the wallpaper that I didn’t know I needed in my life). The floor logo at the entrance was also a nice touch, as were the wooden walls, golden fixtures, and shiny ‘50s casino-inspired cargo green lounge booths.

Everything about this place screams “do it for the ‘Gram”.

Moe Green’s Bud Bar

It didn’t take long before we picked up on the cues behind the lounge’s design details. The branding was recognized for its Vegas-like aesthetic (shoutout to my co-pilot, Ciera for noticing this immediately). In fact, the entire lounge is themed around the iconic Nevada strip, allowing you to take in the essence of the high roller life without remortgaging your house.

Upon entry, a security agent will direct you to the receptionist who will ask you to sign in or sign up. We know this is a no-brainer, but bring your government issued identification or else this is where your visit ends. From there, you will make way to the budtender who will give you a run-down of the day’s specials and other menu items to choose from. Bring your own vaporizer battery to save $9 on purchasing one and select from their list of cartridges.

From there, you will make way to the budtender who will give you a run-down of the day’s specials and other menu items to choose from. Bring your own vaporizer battery to save $9 on purchasing one and select from their list of cartridges.

Since I left my goods in Canada, my darling host was kind enough to loan me his (and some CBD by Bloom Farms), but I picked up some ACDC CBD by GoldDrop (which is VERY popular in every dispensary I visited while making the rounds). Since GoldDrop was having a deal that day, we were offered the chance to buy a strawberry flavoured cartridge for only $1 more. Unfortunately, it was only after that I realized it contained PEG 400 (propylene glycol). 10/10 would not buy again, but the CBD was great. WHY NOT? WHAT IS PEG 400?

Keeping with the theme, each room or area is categorized under a different title. Step up your game and enter The Vault, an enclosed space where you can dab concentrated cannabis extracts. It’s paws down the most beautifully constructed dab bar I’ve experienced.

The Playground is the largest space, dedicated to vaping. Sit solo or mingle with the crowd. The High Roller room lives up to its name by featuring five large booths to roll up, light up, and smoke.

Each booth in the High Roller Lounge holds this stunning kit to compliment your sesh with all the necessary accessories. Just BYOW!

Verdict: it’s a hit! Moe Greens is perfectly balanced to cater to seasoned connoisseurs and newbies alike. The polished lounge is welcoming and curated to meet your highest standards while offering a unique experience that is a hit with locals and canna-curious travellers.

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Crafting with Cannabis: DIY One-Hitter Workshop

Nothing is more humbling than enjoying the fruits of your labor, which is why I love a good DIY project. It’s especially rewarding when you’ve put a great deal of love into constructing something that can be shared with or gifted to others. I think we can all agree that in today’s economy, it’s not such a bad idea!

This, right here is my ideal finished product. Results may vary.

I recently took a one-hitter workshop with my good friend Kate – who is by the way, hilarious and you should all follow her on Twitter- . She introduced me to Mud Makers Studios in Toronto’s west end which offers a variety of workshops for groups of all ages. The class was led by Amanda and Wendy who dropped sculpting knowledge and provided us with full materials to produce the perfect one-hitter.

Crafting the tube shape of the one-hitter was done by wrapping an evenly rolled sheet of clay around a rod. Once measurements were completed, we scored the edges to make them connect.

The next phase involved cutting the clay tube into three sections, which meant I had three units to finish and decorate!

The process took approximately two hours, which meant that by the time I was finished decorating the second, I felt uninspired by the third and it ended up mostly looking like an actual joint (groundbreaking, right?). You can guess which one that is below.

These are what we made. Ready to go in the fire!

Cannabis accessories are a growing part of the market right now, and it’s not hard to see why. But even with some of the coolest products available, crafting your own allows you to personalize the experience, making your ceremonial sesh all the more special.

Aside from the rewarding sense of satisfaction that you’ll experience from DIYing, crafting with cannabis is a fun activity to do alone or with friends! Personally, it’s high up on the list o’ favourite hobbies right after working out and cleaning my apartment (think Monica Gellar, only high and less annoying).

As the clay dries, the item will shrink. The finished pipe seen in the first image is a more accurate depiction of the final result, size-wise.

The finished result, heading into the glaze!

Not in Toronto? No problem! Clay making workshops are organized in cities throughout the country and are likely to offer a more…niche creative course. Also, the steps seemed pretty simple and there’s really no wrong way to do it (other than blocking the air pathway, but if we’ve successfully managed to make bongs from apples, I have faith in our people to figure it out).

I hope this inspires you to get out there and start creating!

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A Lifted Travel Guide to Three Days in San Francisco

Travel is my jam, but I rarely prepare a proper itinerary in advance. Given my travel blogger background, this is a true but embarrassing fact, and quite telling of my laissez-faire attitude.

I recently took a trip out the beautiful Bay Area to visit a friend in San Francisco for a short but exciting stay. When I wasn’t sleeping, eating or getting up to naughty activities, you could catch me getting lifted, climbing hills or doing both simultaneously. After only three days of the lather, rinse, repeat, I can say without hesitation that this is how Californians stay fit and joyous.

Now I just need to move there…

Given all the takeaways from this adventure, it would be a missed opportunity not to share the restaurants, dispensaries, vape lounges, iconic landmarks and other touristy hot spots that warmed my wintery heart and sun-kissed my casper-like Canadian epidermis. So here it is, packaged into a neat digital guide for you to enjoy. Oh, and did I mention there’s a map?!

Fun fact: most dispensaries are in or around Market Street and with careful planning, you could check 75% of them off this list in one swift swoop of an afternoon. So, pack your walking shoes, a couple of snacks and a hydro flask. You’re going on a San Francisco dispensary tour!


Moe Greens on Market in San Francisco

Moe Greens

Stop numero uno was probably the most epic. Bougie doesn’t even begin to cover it. Oh, You fancy Moe Greens! This was the jaw-dropping experience I had been waiting for, and it did not disappoint. The high-roller, Vegas-inspired smoking lounge vibes were some kind of culture clash between the 1950s and present day. Whether you’re a refined traveller or just backpacking along your journey, all are welcome here.

Grassroots Dispensary in San Francisco, Tenderloin


We thought the bar was set pretty high after Moe Greens, but Grassroots delivered their own classic décor with old-time flair. While it’s located in the heart of the Tenderloin, you wouldn’t know it from the inside.

The Apothecarium

This was one of the few that I had heard about before I even booked the trip out west. The Apothecarium had come highly recommended by several friends and colleagues, so obviously it made the top of the list. Design-wise, it was gorgeous. Along with the bud tenders ‘bar’, there was a well-curated display of accessories, a library, seating lounge and an art display wall with pieces produced by local artists. I was disappointed with the lack of selection for low-dose, CBD-only vape cartridges and flower, but still managed to pick up a couple of edibles (which came in handy when we later went to High Tops).

Image courtesy of: Barbary Coast San Francisco

Barbary Coast Dispensary

Serving patients since 2013, Barbary Coast is another that I couldn’t miss. In fact, my friend and host insisted that I make time to see it during my trip. As soon as I stepped in, it was clear that this place was created by the same team behind Moe Greens (you really can tell by the classic ‘cigar’ lounge leather, wood and brick interior). Do yourself a favour and visit the dab bar and hit it for me as well since time was of the essence and I had to bow out.

Re-Leaf SF


Another medical-turned recreational dispensary that boasts some great features, like a comprehensive menu and plentiful display which showcases more of SF’s popular weed brands. We picked up some infused beverages by Mood and drank them before heading to dinner in the Haight. While the bottle only read 10mg, I was high AF – and uncomfortably so.

Vapor Room

Vapor Room wow-ed me with the clean, Scandinavian-inspired interior and display walls. This boutique is a cannabis lovers minimalist dream come true and I would go back in a heartbeat.

Medithrive SF


Located in the heart of Mission District, Medithrive is a cannabis dispensary and delivery shop that spins a refreshing modern twist on the shopping experience. Their bud bar stations are situated throughout the main floor and provide a well-lit peep into the buds available on their flower menu.


If a community-focused dispensary is something you’re curious about, SPARC is definitely a spot you’ll want to visit. It’s less bells and whistles and offers a more attractive price point than the others. I was feeling their volcano-inspired wifi flyer. Well played.

Bloom Room

Tucked away behind Mission Street in Mission District, you will find Bloom Room. I must say the placement is pretty darn perfect considering there’s a Blue Bottle Coffee right next door – and it must be darn good because the lineup to enter was around the block! Of course, we know how well coffee and cannabis go together, so you can thank me later.


The majority of the dispensaries are located in and around Market Street, including The Castro, Civic Centre, Mission District and Tenderloin. Popular brands included: Gold Drop concentrates, Bloom Farms, Mood beverages, Candescent, and Papa & Barkley (which was literally everywhere!). Staff and security were always very friendly and helpful – and loved the fact that I was visiting from Canada. That whole ‘we legalized it’ convo isn’t getting old anytime soon. However, I was disappointed by the lack of knowledge regarding a few topics, namely the number of times that bud tenders referred to CBD as “non-psychoactive”, which I kindly corrected them on.


Lunch with my good friend Ciera who I met through the Ganja Goddess Getaway in 2017 <3

Okay, so now that you’re probably feeling relatively lifted after walking up and down hill for the better part of the day, there’s a good chance that you’ve worked up an appetite. Well friends, there’s good news: San Francisco has an impressive food scene and I’ve included a few suggestions to get your munch-on.

If Filipino food is high on your list, Senior Sisig’s food truck came highly recommended to me, but was unfortunately (randomly) closed the day I passed by. You can find it around Market and 10th during lunch hour. Apparently their garlic fried rice is something to write home about.

Gracias Madre Lunch with CBD Cocktails
Gracias Madre Lunch with CBD Cocktails

While searching Yelp on an empty stomach, Gracias Madre was a recognizable option so we opted to nosh on some delicious Mexican food and splurged on $20 CBD cocktails. While we ate beyond our physical means, I’m proud of us for accepting the challenge. Clearly, our parents didn’t raise quitters.

Speaking of infused cocktails, Flore on Market is a must visit in The Castro, and it’s corner-placement on Market is great for people-watching.

As a plant-loving, crystal collecting hippy, this trip wouldn’t have been complete without a stroll through the place of origin for hippy counterculture, Haight-Ashbury. This brief yet awe-inspiring evening included tapas and drinks at The Alembic, followed by a shopping trip into what can only be described as the holy Mecca of spiritual paraphernalia, The Love of Ganesha. Safe to say it was overwhelming and real challenge to refrain from spending all the money on such beautiful and affordable crystals.


Finding fun outdoor activities isn’t a chore in the Bay Area, especially when you’re surrounded by hills (best leg day, IMO). Whether you’re feeling coastal or city adventures (or both!), San Francisco has a whole lot to offer.

Sunset Beach & Golden Gate Park

Ride the MUNI out to the end of Sunset and go for a beachy stroll and unwind by the water. If you can catch it on a sunny day, why not plan it during…sunset? After your stroll along the beach, take in the beauty or the pan and the pan handle and a moment to admire the towering, majestic redwoods. While it seems much larger than it is, the 4.1 km² park features many hidden gems.

Golden Gate Bridge

We know, this one is a no-brainer, but it would be silly not to list it. It is to the west coast what the Brooklyn Bridge is to the east.

Alamo Park + Painted Ladies

The iconic landscape that us ‘80s kids recognize in an instant. The opening trailer to Full House, a TV show that wasn’t even filmed in San Francisco, forever looped in nostalgia. These beautiful victorian row houses are decorated in a complimentary colour palette that reflects the architectural beauty that this city in the Bay Area is known for. On a sunny day, this is the perfect place to hike around post-sesh. We heard Aunt Becky was in trouble, but she was nowhere to be found…

Dolores Park

Located at the end of Mission District, Delores Park is something of an iconic landmark. This expansive green space hosts a diverse array of visitors, ranging from curious world travellers to locals, and it’s a popular recreation spot amongst the LGBTQ community.


Blue Markers: did not visit but came highly recommended
Purple Markers: dispensaries
Teal Martinis: eateries, drinkeries
Pink Squirrels: parks, hikes, outdoor activities

420 Events Happening Across Canada

April is a funny month, isn’t it? Starts with Fool’s Day, followed by Coachella, which kicks off festival and conference szn. Somewhere in there we get Easter, Passover, uncertainty surrounding whether spring has officially arrived (at least in most parts of Canada), a whole lotta rain sprinkled in-between, and of course, Weed Day.

It’s the first 420 post-prohibition which also happens to be a long weekend. Coincidence? I think not. Let’s just take a moment to thank the Kush Goddess and the universe for giving us one more reason to let loose this weekend.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably waited until the last minute to make plans or even check out what’s happening in your city, and are turning to social media and DM’s to build your itinerary. Speaking of which, thanks to those of you who shared your events which made this post possible!

Enough of my self-indulgent ramble. I asked, you answered. Here are the top hits for 420 / 2019 across Canada!


So far, the only event that came across my radar was the 420 party that is being hosted by VICE. As a former Montrealer, I have feelings about the location where it’s being held, but I can save that rant for social media.

Check out their Facebook page for more details.


Moving westward, the options are plentiful. Curate your list according to your mood and activity level and social energy capacity.

If you’re in the mood to sesh and create, check out Mudmakers Studio to participate in their one-hitter workshop. There’s a class on Friday evening at 7 PM, so you can DIY a fancy piece to celebrate the weekend with – and impress your friends in the process!

Provided that the rain holds off, you should hundo P check out 7 Acres garden party which will be hosted at Supreme HQ, since everything they do is beyond epic. Hotbox is throwing their annual bash and you can expect it to be high-key good times.

For those downtown, Vapor central is hosting their 420 bash from: 3 PM – 8 PM, while east end-based LAF Society will be hosting their 1st anniversary in conjunction with 420, because why not?

If you’ve got any energy left over for Saturday night, I implore you to get a ticket to the hottest (actually, tho) party in town. Catch DJ Me Time on deck, spinning up a frenzy and the DOPE ladies of Crimson Fire. Let’s just say they are bringing the heat.


Heading further west, we bring you two exciting events happening in Calgary. This 4/20 Elevated Brunch will be 3 courses (yum!) and hosted by Mike Pigot and the Cannabis Sommelier. If you’re feeling bold, join them for dinner as well!


Feeling fit and festive? Join our friends at Flower and Freedom for their CBD, Core and Conditioning event at RYU. Keeping in with the wellness vibe (SO west coast, amirite?), the team at Elletourage are hosting Mary Jane Brunch and will be discussing Mind & Body Wellness with Cannabis.

Last and sadly least, T’was The Night B’ 4/20 will be hosted by Stash Club at New Amsterdam Cafe downtown Vancouver. Since April 20th is basically Xmas for our community, we wish you a very merry, unofficial holiday.

There ya have it, our list of funs for 420.

Party responsibly.

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Spotlight Series: Angelina Blessed

Cannabis edibles are this close to being legal and available in Canada and many savvy entrepreneurs are looking to get in on the excitement of a brand new industry. Angelina, the founder of Blessed is an athlete who understands pain. She also knows that cannabis can be an effective, natural way to treat pain and help promote relaxation – key after a grueling workout. She started with infused edibles like the handmade Oatmeal Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies and will soon be adding a line of salves that can be applied topically to soothe sore muscles.

We wanted to get an idea of what it looks like to run a Canadian edibles company under the Cannabis Act and what Angelina plans to do with her brand moving forward.


After initially feeding my teammates infused cookies, I was contacted by the producers at VICE to be in a documentary about the edibles industry. That’s where the path started and gained speed. We really loved talking to people about dosage and how to medicate properly for a new consumer. But my journey was primarily based from my own recovery.


We will be launching Blessed in time for edibles legalization. We are the first health and wellness products that focuses on lower sugar, low dose, and creating wellness. We believe in full spectrum CBD oil for healing and that the #traintreatrepeat philosophy everyone can benefit from.


My day starts at 7 AM with a cup of high fat coffee. This fuels my brain to get cracking on business matters, like answering emails and calls for a couple of hours. It also gives me the energy boost needed to run several kilometers or train muay thai until the early afternoon. The rest of my day revolves around meetings and I make sure to feed myself properly, take time to stretch and recover from training. My pace has changed a lot now that I can focus solely on bringing my business into the legal market and put all of my attention on Blessed.


Our vision is to take Blessed worldwide and reach as many athletes and lovely humans a possible. We are so excited to have the platform to talk about all of our favourite things. Training in muay thai and educating on how cannabis helps with recovery and performance is what drives this passion forward. The energy is contagious when we are performing at our best.


A place where all cannabis-related criminal charges are dropped, old stigmas are broken, and athletes are given better options than opiates and painkillers.


We all have a high school story of consuming questionable weed, but that isn’t what brought me here. I’d like to say the real experience started when I felt the real difference when my sleep, eating patterns, and rest all improved. I had horrible cortisol issues but once I found myself sleeping through the night, I knew my life was going to change.


Leaving the grey market. It was beautiful to be a part of but moving forward has been a hard transition. I wanted the brand power of Blessed to be recognized and present opportunities to work within a legal framework without having to ‘sell out’.


By finding other craft cannabis connections that love the plant as it should be. Finding authentic brands to share the space with and to feed off of each other’s knowledge. Old medical users understand the plant. It’s about opening the conversations and being heard. Not just as a craft producer but as a female athlete in the space.


I wish that fear could be removed from cannabis and for everyone to know how safe this plant is. When used correctly, it’s safer than aspirin.


We are really excited to be able to talk about the big changes that will be coming for edible legalization. Things will be very different. But still blessed. We are keeping the love of cannabis authentic while crafting products that can actually make a difference in your life.


If I could do it all again? I’m not sure if I would change the path. I wouldn’t have wanted this journey to have been easy, because the twists and turns and ups a downs of it is what gives it character. Perhaps I would have listened a little more because this path was a hard one that I handled mostly alone. I’m grateful for the support that I received from some very good humans. Always lean on your humans.


My favourite way is a combination of infused oils that I take pre and post-training. One is more stimulating, higher in THC and lower CBD with adaptogens for energy. The post-training formula is higher in CBD and adaptogens for brain health and recovery. Always with a good healthy fat. For me, this is the most efficient way to medicate.


Depends on what I need it to do. It’s important to understand THC:CBD and what works for you or what you are trying to do with it. Concentrates are easiest to dose edibles but I believe that a whole plant extraction process is the key with isolating the medicinal benefits.


Of course. Once the world catches on I believe it will be a better place. We are in a state of opiate apocalypse and it will get worse if we can’t find a way to bring cannabis to the forefront of research and healing.


DO NOT QUIT. I’m not sure how many tears I shed in the process of bringing this dream to life. Handling the painful growing pains, even when nothing else makes sense. If it’s a passion, people will feel it Thank gawd for the people that I am surrounded by.

If there’s one takeaway that I can give to your readers: always surround yourself with people that can hustle like you and support that grind. Find legit partners that you’re proud to stand with.

Follow Angelina and Blessed Edibles on Instagram: @angelina.blessed, @blessededibles

All images provided by Taylor Oakes Productions.

Training studio: @SouthsideMT on Instagram.

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5 Indica-Dominant Strains to Get You Through Retrograde

Mercury is in retrograde (again!), so life is probably throwing you curveballs from every direction. Since this galactic pain in the derrière also tends to affect your electronics, you might be out a device or two, or have lost that super important (unsaved) presentation that’s been keeping you up late. All that stress and screen time also means you’re probably not sleeping well as a result.

Luckily for you, today is World Sleep Day and to celebrate that and help you get out of this retro slump, we have curated a list of top indica-dominant strains to help you chill the heck out and maybe catch a Z or two.

Bonus: if you haven’t already, check out our mental health booster podcast to balance the chaos with some mindful meditation. Go Ahead, you deserve breathe some zen into your life.

Important takeaway: since everyone has a unique biochemistry and endocannabinoid system, what works for one might not work for the other. These strain recommendations are based purely on personal preference and should not be taken as medical advice. You’ll need to experiment to see which strain works best for you.


Pink Kush

A solid choice to help you catch those z’s without question. Also, the name is pretty and gives the impression that you’re about to dive into a comfy bed to cuddle with fluffy kittens.

CBD Critical Mass

This 1:1 is ideal for seeking the therapeutic benefits of a CBD:THC, allowing you to get relief while minimizing the heavy psychoactive effects. Personal favourite!

Blueberry Kush

Smells great and hits the spot – another classic that will make you forget all about which planet is winning the race.

Death Bubba

Guaranteed to get you past the counting sheep phase before your head even hits the pillow. Just be sure you set your alarm to go off a bit louder than usual because waking up will be a challenge.

Northern Lights

When you’ve had enough and you’re ready to retire the day, it’s lights out with this strain. Classic and timeless, just like sleep.

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Celebrate Pi Day with This Infused Compote Recipe!

You probably woke up to the internet obsessing over dessert this morning, and that probably left you feeling confused and hungry.

If you’re unfamiliar with Pi Day, it’s a celebration of math which takes place globally on March 14th (3/14). Oh, and then there’s actual PIE. You see where I’m going with this one?

So what does it mean for us cannabis enthusiasts? Well, for one math accounts for much of what we do in cannabis. Formulating the perfectly dosed edible requires math. Growing plants requires a mix of math and science, so you could say we are all a bit nerdy in one way or another.

According to, Pi (Greek letter “π”) “is the symbol used in mathematics to represent a constant — the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter — which is approximately 3.14159. Pi Day is an annual opportunity for math enthusiasts to recite the infinite digits of Pi, talk to their friends about math, and to eat pie.”

Now that you know a bit more about this nerdy annual event, get festive and celebrate with a slice of infused gooey goodness of your choice!

Since committing to baking an entire PIE takes way too much time (and it’s tougher to gauge how much cannabis butter is evenly distributed), we recommend going with a compote to top your serving.

Since dosing takes precedence above all else, allow us to help you indulge responsibly. We at Her(B) Life say: let them eat (infused) pie! Here’s a recipe to make that happen, courtesy of Magical Butter.


Skill Level: Medium

Prep Time: 5-7 minutes

Cook Time: 10-15 minutes

Chill Time: N/A

Serving Size: 2-3 tablespoons/30-45 ml

Yield: about 4 cups/950 ml


½ cup/120 ml MagicalButter Tincture

2 tablespoons/30 ml MagicalButter (dosing depends on your infusion and flower of choice!)

2 pints/475 ml fresh blueberries

½ cup/120 ml Pom Wonderful Blueberry Juice

½ cup/120 ml sugar

4 tablespoons/60 ml agave syrup

4 tablespoons/60 ml Grand Marnier

1 lemon, juice and zest


In a 1-quart saucepan over medium heat, combine juice, tincture, agave syrup, and sugar, and bring to slow boil.

Reduce heat to medium-low, add blueberries, and continue to cook for 10 minutes, stirring frequently.

Add Grand Marnier, and cook until the liquid has a thick, syrupy consistency (about 3 minutes).

Remove your Grandma’s Blueberry Compote from heat, serve warm topped with whipped cream, and enjoy!

6 Cannabis SuperSHEroes to Inspire you on International Women’s Day

In honour of International Women’s Day, The Her(B) Life wanted to highlight some of the amazing women entrepreneurs in the industry. Each in their own way, these ladies have paved the way for change by setting new standards or reinventing the system. While each of these ‘she-roes’ have managed to tap into different corners of the community (and the world!), what they all have in common is their drive to make the cannabis industry better and more accessible.

From life-changing medical research to destigmatizing cannabis as a whole, it’s no surprise that a woman’s energy has accentuated the power of this female plant.

Reena Rampersad, – Event Planning Entrepreneur, Coordinator for Cannabis Amnesty

Reena is a cultural foodie and cannabis connoisseur. When she’s not busy running her successful catering business, she’s working hard coordinating for Cannabis Amnesty, a campaign that is currently drafting legislation and asking the federal government to provide blanket pardons to those with previous non violent cannabis convictions in an effort to promote an equitable industry.

The Toronto-born entrepreneur and advocate has Trinidadian roots which draws her closer to community activism. After spending her 20’s earning a living as a social worker in the city of Detroit, Michigan, her interest in food culture steered her into a permanent career as a Restauranteur, where she uses her culinary skills and influence to help shift the negative perceptions and stigmas that exist.

Reena is an open supporter of Cannabis and her advocacy was inspired by many elements, but the most prominent was witnessing her grandmother creating various salves and remedies with the plant while her father battled the law and society for his choice to partake. Many of her family members were victims to the War on Drugs, so her participation in the industry is both personal and political and she sees it as one of the greatest and most ignored civil rights violations of all time.

Check out The High Friends Podcast episode with Reena.

Tracy MacRae, Vice President – Marketing at Kiaro

Tracy leads marketing at Kiaro, a cannabis retailer which destigmatizes cannabis use by creating inviting retail spaces staffed by well-informed consultants. Kiaro provides the tools, information and resources for customers to not only make their own informed decisions, but also be empowered to share this knowledge with others and become cannabis advocates themselves

Tracy has over 20 years’ experience in the marketing and is passionate about socially responsible cannabis retail. She works closely with local communities and regulators to prove that cannabis retailers can, and do, make a valuable contribution to society.

Bethany Rae – Founder of Flower & Freedom

Bethany Rae is the Founder of Flower & Freedom, a female-focused lifestyle community dedicated to reducing the stigma that surrounds cannabis use. As a creative fashion designer, fitness enthusiast and world traveller, Bethany has combined these passions into the heart of the Flower & Freedom cannabis brand – complete with her own cannabis-themed clothing line.

Image courtesy of Women Grow

Parisa Mansouri-Rad – Communications Director for Women Grow

Parisa Mansouri-Rad is a marketing executive and Cannabis advocate whose experience as the mom of a special needs child propelled her into the industry. When spinal fusion surgery to correct scoliosis left her 15-year-old daughter with a rare, life-threatening condition characterized by chronic abdominal pain, Parisa’s search for palliatives led her to Cannabis (Medicinal Marijuana). After witnessing her daughter’s dramatic improvement, Parisa decided to leverage her marketing experience to re-brand the maligned Cannabis industry through ongoing advocacy and education of the public on the benefits of medicinal marijuana. Parisa graduated with honours from New Mexico State University with a Major in Agriculture Business and a Minor in Marketing. She serves as Communications Director for Women Grow Phoenix Market & CEO of Mj Momma Consulting LLC, a Social Media Marketing Agency.

Image courtesy of DOPE Magazine

Molly Peckler – Founder, CEO and Love Expert at Highly Devoted

Molly Peckler is the charismatic leader of Highly Devoted. She holds a degree in psychology from the University of Illinois and is deeply passionate about connecting people and spreading love through cannabis. Beyond her role as Chief Executive Matchmaker, Molly is a spokeswoman, and dating relationship intimacy guru with an innate ability to understand and empathize with people. Her academic background and good ‘ol human instincts allow her to expertly identify people’s dreams and help make them a reality by sharing knowledge on relationship dynamics and confidence building, all while using cannabis as a relationship and dating enhancer. When Molly isn’t working her matchmaking magic, you can find her in speaking engagements and supporting the industry with conversations that help to destigmatize cannabis.

Tracy Ryan – Founder of Cannakids and Saving Sophie, Co-producer of Weed the People

Tracy Ryan is the CEO and lead consultant for CannaKids, a California-based Cooperative with a focus on supplying medical cannabis oil to adults and children looking for holistic relief for serious health conditions – with a specialty in pediatric cancer.

It all started in 2013 when her infant daughter’s brain tumor diagnosis set Tracy on a path dedicated to educating herself on the medicinal powers of cannabis. This not only led to treating her daughter’s disease, but opened doors to treating other pediatric and adult cancers, epilepsy, autism and beyond. As a result, her work has been done on a global scale with families who are seeking education, and treatment options for their loved ones, guiding many patients to unheard of success.  CannaKids is now on a trajectory to be one of the world’s leaders for cannabinoid therapies based on scientific research and is in collaboration with some of the top researchers, doctors, and hospitals in the world.

Tracy has successfully secured a relationship with the Technion Institute in Israel, and CannaKids is currently in the planning phase to include in-hospital clinical trials on pediatric patients with a major California hospital later this year. Given Tracy’s work over the last 6 years, the Ryan family is the key focus of the Abby Epstein and Ricki Lake documentary, “Weed the People”.

As a speaker, Tracy can be found speaking at medical cannabis and pediatric cancer events all over the world in her quest to educate the public on the power of this incredible plant.

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Get to Know Vol. 2 Cover Queen Kerestin aka BigBodyMami

Some of the most important conversations happening around the cannabis industry involve storytelling. I will never grow tired of listening to how this plant has changed lives and redirected careers.

I recently spoke with Vol. 2 cover queen Kerestin (aka Keke), a diversely skilled advocate for the community. Our conversation took place on a sleepy Saturday morning while most others indulged over brunch. But not us – we had a phone date and I was eager to learn more, especially when I learned of our quasi similar backgrounds in beauty and what brought her into cannabis to begin with. It’s a unique transition, no doubt, but a well-rounded background crafts an informed voice.

Kerestin graces the cover of The Her(B) Life Vol 02

Kerestin’s focus is on community, connection and self love and she creates incredible content as a beauty, sex and relationship blogger who is quickly becoming a role model for those experiencing difficulty navigating this complicated dating world (present!). But her work doesn’t stop there, in fact it starts with her full-time hustle as a housing advocate, supporting the cannabis space and beyond.

Image: Harlee Case via Instagram Styling: Keasha Brown

“I have a huge passion for people and their well-being and try to show that in all aspects of my life. One of the biggest focuses is being able to connect with people, namely those who are in vulnerable populations. Working as a cannabis advocate has allowed me to achieve a balance.”

For Kerestin, everything she does is rooted in empowerment, and it shows in her instagram stories. Whether posing questions for her followers or for the camera, discussing and embracing sexuality has been a driving force in conversations.


With a diversified experience portfolio, she has managed bring change in all corners of the community, both independently and through collaborations with the well-known Ladies of Paradise. By combining a variety of interests and industries, Kerestin reaches a broad audience through a grassroots approach of just keeping it real, honest and free of sponsorship bias or influences. A rare approach in an online world of easily swayed opinions where many prefer to take the money and run, because above all else, she prioritizes fostering her connection to her follower base.

“Working at Ladies (of Paradise) for me is about connecting women and female identities to an industry that has past been male dominated and creating space. My main focus with Instagram is providing a profile that will inspire people and offer something authentic for them to connect with.”


So what was the pivotal moment that sent Kerestin on the green path? It started with an injury that left her in a dark place after treating the pain with pharmaceutical medication. Determined to take care of her body in a more natural way, she found herself gravitating to the plant-based remedy lifestyle that yielded many benefits without potential harmful side effects.


Image via Instagram

Just like for many of us, trial and error played a role in while navigating the overwhelming selections of strains, formulas and other learnings that mama cannabis has to offer. The discovery of products containing CBD and THC not only changed her life, but she felt empowered by her choices by opting to purchase products that were helping her to make a difference instead of just masking the pain.



We’ve seen how influencers on social media have an impact on re-defining the beauty narrative, especially within the green space. When Kerestin began working with Ladies of Paradise, it presented more opportunities to discover new products and share her findings with an engaged audience. Her background in hairdressing and aesthetics provided her with the knowledge to cut through the noise of glorified brands and focus on those with quality ingredients and truer brand power.

Her must haves include Humble Flower’s THC lotion with jasmine flower, massage oil and relief balm. As for beauty, she swears by MILK’s CBD mascara (brb, checking out Sephora). To cure what’s on the inside as well as the outside, her daily routine includes a dose of wildflower CBD.

“With LoP, I came into the shop early as a model and just fell in love with the message and social justice piece. I was thrilled to come on board and help the team to apply this in their creative direction.”

She’s worked with companies who exercise a certain awareness when executing a campaign, and if there’s one key takeaway, it’s the importance of being mindful with what you say and how your messaging is presented. “People pay attention to what you say. Whether you have a hundred followers or a million – people are watching.”

Speaking from experience, Kerestin has showed up to photoshoots where the brand has pulled images for where the mood board are from her instagram. “It’s a great feeling when you become part of their mood board and creative direction. It instilled that people pay attention to what you say and what you’re putting out there”

Image via Instagram

‘Body positive’ has become a hot buzz term that’s thought to empower humans in general. We see it in ad campaigns, presented in a way to love the skin you’re in, and other marketing-heavy slogans.

Kerestin for the Her(B) Life Photography: Harlee Case Photo Editing: Paris Call

While the concept of body positivity comes from a good place, once you disrobe the term and dissect it for what it’s worth, the actual term undermines the idea behind it. “I don’t consider myself a body positive activist, my main goal is self-love awareness and being able to live in your space. We need to allow people to just be in their bodies. That being said, I would like to see more non-able bodied people included in cannabis”

Her key takeaway for marketers: If a company is going to run a ‘body positive’ campaign, please refrain from using a token curvy person as a means to champion your message. “That will turn around real quick. Rather, consider gathering a diverse group of people with different backgrounds and life situations to show the true diversity of who is being represented.”


Instagram, a platform that you either love or hate. Loving it means that you’ve figured out a way to make it work for you. Brands of all sizes rely on it to spread a message, while those who advertise rely on it as part (or all) of their livelihood.

But sometimes that backfires because the internet is riddled with trolls – and I’m not talking those strange plastic dolls with neon hair that dominated toy stores in the 90’s (although no one can prove otherwise since many of them remain faceless).

In order to mitigate the chances of this happening, Kerestin uses technology to her advantage by filtering out keywords and phrases associated with negativity. This has allowed her to curate a positive space for her to share and engage with her audience. “We need to continue to support and maintain that growth of true bodies that we are seeing on Instagram. When I do post a photo, it feels good for me and I’m able to express my sexuality”

Damn right, and nobody should be taking that away from you.


Then there’s the hot topic that is on everyone’s minds – the elephant in the boardroom that few C-suite execs will acknowledge, but rather grassroot collectives and entrepreneurs are prioritizing.

The ‘elephant’ is a reminder of why those privileged enough to work in the industry need to maintain a certain level of mindfulness while enjoying the fruits of their labor, because those who laid the groundwork (majority being people of colour) cannot because they are incarcerated. What a trip, huh?

Many will claim that we need more feminism to combat the social inequalities faced under these circumstances, but that all depends on how you view feminism. “I definitely consider myself a feminist, but I also try to maintain awareness of what it stands for and how it is portrayed.”

The reality is that we are living in a time where it often feels like humanity is in a regressive state. Human rights still account for something, just not enough. We have seen how taking social justice into our own hands can allow us to make democracy work in our favour, but it’s dependent on awareness, community support and inclusivity,

So how can white women be more supportive in the industry? “I think that there are still conversations that need to be had in order to help support women of colour in business in general, and I think that a lot of it has to do with awareness of white supremacy and it’s values and the way we conduct business. If you’re white and you’re in the business, you have women of colour not just working for you but working with you. Give them the opportunity to take the steps that they need to in order to become successful.”

Being a supportive, strong ally means checking your privilege and exercising awareness that not all opportunities are created equal. So how can white women be better allies? “There’s something to be said about just being aware of the space when you go into it. Working with people of colour means paying attention to how they are being treated in the business. PoC have not benefited from this industry at all and will continue to not benefit from it because they were incarcerated, have fines and can’t work in the legal industry. Ask yourself if you are still being mindful of what this industry was in the past and how to support people who haven’t been able to benefit from it”.



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