In honour of International Women’s Day, The Her(B) Life wanted to highlight some of the amazing women entrepreneurs in the industry. Each in their own way, these ladies have paved the way for change by setting new standards or reinventing the system. While each of these ‘she-roes’ have managed to tap into different corners of the community (and the world!), what they all have in common is their drive to make the cannabis industry better and more accessible.

From life-changing medical research to destigmatizing cannabis as a whole, it’s no surprise that a woman’s energy has accentuated the power of this female plant.

Reena Rampersad, – Event Planning Entrepreneur, Coordinator for Cannabis Amnesty

Reena is a cultural foodie and cannabis connoisseur. When she’s not busy running her successful catering business, she’s working hard coordinating for Cannabis Amnesty, a campaign that is currently drafting legislation and asking the federal government to provide blanket pardons to those with previous non violent cannabis convictions in an effort to promote an equitable industry.

The Toronto-born entrepreneur and advocate has Trinidadian roots which draws her closer to community activism. After spending her 20’s earning a living as a social worker in the city of Detroit, Michigan, her interest in food culture steered her into a permanent career as a Restauranteur, where she uses her culinary skills and influence to help shift the negative perceptions and stigmas that exist.

Reena is an open supporter of Cannabis and her advocacy was inspired by many elements, but the most prominent was witnessing her grandmother creating various salves and remedies with the plant while her father battled the law and society for his choice to partake. Many of her family members were victims to the War on Drugs, so her participation in the industry is both personal and political and she sees it as one of the greatest and most ignored civil rights violations of all time.

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Tracy MacRae, Vice President – Marketing at Kiaro

Tracy leads marketing at Kiaro, a cannabis retailer which destigmatizes cannabis use by creating inviting retail spaces staffed by well-informed consultants. Kiaro provides the tools, information and resources for customers to not only make their own informed decisions, but also be empowered to share this knowledge with others and become cannabis advocates themselves

Tracy has over 20 years’ experience in the marketing and is passionate about socially responsible cannabis retail. She works closely with local communities and regulators to prove that cannabis retailers can, and do, make a valuable contribution to society.

Bethany Rae – Founder of Flower & Freedom

Bethany Rae is the Founder of Flower & Freedom, a female-focused lifestyle community dedicated to reducing the stigma that surrounds cannabis use. As a creative fashion designer, fitness enthusiast and world traveller, Bethany has combined these passions into the heart of the Flower & Freedom cannabis brand – complete with her own cannabis-themed clothing line.

Image courtesy of Women Grow

Parisa Mansouri-Rad – Communications Director for Women Grow

Parisa Mansouri-Rad is a marketing executive and Cannabis advocate whose experience as the mom of a special needs child propelled her into the industry. When spinal fusion surgery to correct scoliosis left her 15-year-old daughter with a rare, life-threatening condition characterized by chronic abdominal pain, Parisa’s search for palliatives led her to Cannabis (Medicinal Marijuana). After witnessing her daughter’s dramatic improvement, Parisa decided to leverage her marketing experience to re-brand the maligned Cannabis industry through ongoing advocacy and education of the public on the benefits of medicinal marijuana. Parisa graduated with honours from New Mexico State University with a Major in Agriculture Business and a Minor in Marketing. She serves as Communications Director for Women Grow Phoenix Market & CEO of Mj Momma Consulting LLC, a Social Media Marketing Agency.

Image courtesy of DOPE Magazine

Molly Peckler – Founder, CEO and Love Expert at Highly Devoted

Molly Peckler is the charismatic leader of Highly Devoted. She holds a degree in psychology from the University of Illinois and is deeply passionate about connecting people and spreading love through cannabis. Beyond her role as Chief Executive Matchmaker, Molly is a spokeswoman, and dating relationship intimacy guru with an innate ability to understand and empathize with people. Her academic background and good ‘ol human instincts allow her to expertly identify people’s dreams and help make them a reality by sharing knowledge on relationship dynamics and confidence building, all while using cannabis as a relationship and dating enhancer. When Molly isn’t working her matchmaking magic, you can find her in speaking engagements and supporting the industry with conversations that help to destigmatize cannabis.

Tracy Ryan – Founder of Cannakids and Saving Sophie, Co-producer of Weed the People

Tracy Ryan is the CEO and lead consultant for CannaKids, a California-based Cooperative with a focus on supplying medical cannabis oil to adults and children looking for holistic relief for serious health conditions – with a specialty in pediatric cancer.

It all started in 2013 when her infant daughter’s brain tumor diagnosis set Tracy on a path dedicated to educating herself on the medicinal powers of cannabis. This not only led to treating her daughter’s disease, but opened doors to treating other pediatric and adult cancers, epilepsy, autism and beyond. As a result, her work has been done on a global scale with families who are seeking education, and treatment options for their loved ones, guiding many patients to unheard of success.  CannaKids is now on a trajectory to be one of the world’s leaders for cannabinoid therapies based on scientific research and is in collaboration with some of the top researchers, doctors, and hospitals in the world.

Tracy has successfully secured a relationship with the Technion Institute in Israel, and CannaKids is currently in the planning phase to include in-hospital clinical trials on pediatric patients with a major California hospital later this year. Given Tracy’s work over the last 6 years, the Ryan family is the key focus of the Abby Epstein and Ricki Lake documentary, “Weed the People”.

As a speaker, Tracy can be found speaking at medical cannabis and pediatric cancer events all over the world in her quest to educate the public on the power of this incredible plant.

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