Nothing is more humbling than enjoying the fruits of your labor, which is why I love a good DIY project. It’s especially rewarding when you’ve put a great deal of love into constructing something that can be shared with or gifted to others. I think we can all agree that in today’s economy, it’s not such a bad idea!

This, right here is my ideal finished product. Results may vary.

I recently took a one-hitter workshop with my good friend Kate – who is by the way, hilarious and you should all follow her on Twitter- . She introduced me to Mud Makers Studios in Toronto’s west end which offers a variety of workshops for groups of all ages. The class was led by Amanda and Wendy who dropped sculpting knowledge and provided us with full materials to produce the perfect one-hitter.

Crafting the tube shape of the one-hitter was done by wrapping an evenly rolled sheet of clay around a rod. Once measurements were completed, we scored the edges to make them connect.

The next phase involved cutting the clay tube into three sections, which meant I had three units to finish and decorate!

The process took approximately two hours, which meant that by the time I was finished decorating the second, I felt uninspired by the third and it ended up mostly looking like an actual joint (groundbreaking, right?). You can guess which one that is below.

These are what we made. Ready to go in the fire!

Cannabis accessories are a growing part of the market right now, and it’s not hard to see why. But even with some of the coolest products available, crafting your own allows you to personalize the experience, making your ceremonial sesh all the more special.

Aside from the rewarding sense of satisfaction that you’ll experience from DIYing, crafting with cannabis is a fun activity to do alone or with friends! Personally, it’s high up on the list o’ favourite hobbies right after working out and cleaning my apartment (think Monica Gellar, only high and less annoying).

As the clay dries, the item will shrink. The finished pipe seen in the first image is a more accurate depiction of the final result, size-wise.

The finished result, heading into the glaze!

Not in Toronto? No problem! Clay making workshops are organized in cities throughout the country and are likely to offer a more…niche creative course. Also, the steps seemed pretty simple and there’s really no wrong way to do it (other than blocking the air pathway, but if we’ve successfully managed to make bongs from apples, I have faith in our people to figure it out).

I hope this inspires you to get out there and start creating!

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Jessica Nudo

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